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In a rapidly changing world, AMTE provides battery innovation, commercialisation and scalable supply

Our Markets

Made to Measure, versatile applications

AMTE are launching a series of next generation products based on new chemistries and cell structures that are designed to solve key problems in power delivery, energy performance, and safety.

These next generation products are developed to support markets where power, safety and challenging environments need new battery chemistries and cell performance. Our technical development and engineering excellence allow us to provide a step change in cell development and bring these to market to solve key power and energy challenges in some of the most technically advanced markets.

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Specialised Markets

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Energy Storage

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Our Products

A focus on design for manufacture

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Ultra High-Power


21700 No BG

Ultra Energy


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Ultra Safe



Ultra Prime



Smart people invent smart solutions

Transferring from lab to real product is often challenging and requires financial and commercial support.

Whatever size, shape, chemistry or energy solution product, AMTE aims to close the commercialisation gap by bringing product to market quickly and efficiently by supporting inventors with production, IP and commercially related help, AMTE invest in new technology with clearly understood joint objectives that focus on success.


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