AMTE Power is a leading battery cell manufacturer and one of the only companies making them in the UK today.

We’ve been producing cells for over 30 years at our factory in Scotland, which can trace its roots back to the birth of lithium-ion battery cell technology, first patented in the UK.

Now we’re looking to the next wave of battery innovation and scaling up our production volumes to kickstart a net zero revolution – electrifying vehicles and transforming energy storage across homes and industry.

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What we do

We’re making the next generation of battery cells. Our automotive products are designed specifically to power high-performance cars and heavy goods vehicles to help decarbonise travel and freight. No one else is focused on these markets like we are. Our Ultra High-Power cell has been developed with automotive OEMs to provide superior charge and discharge rates. We can deliver large-scale, reliable supply for our customers from our manufacturing base in the UK.

Lithium-ion chemistry isn’t right for every application and we are one of the only UK manufacturers developing a viable, alternative sodium-ion cell for energy storage systems – our Ultra Safe product. Ultra Safe will deliver the full potential for solar and wind power, conserving green energy for the UK grid and for our homes. This is an essential part of securing the UK’s domestic energy supply.

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