The aviation industry is under increasing scrutiny and pressure to reduce its carbon footprint by finding alternative carbon-free technologies and build these into aircraft designs as soon as it safely can. Our Ultra Power and Ultra High-Power Cells released for production early 2021, posses the performance characteristics that support the development of full electric and hybrid systems.  Our Ultra Safe cells are also perfectly placed to provide energy storage to auxiliary power systems.

From shorter term concept to production projects, to longer term passenger aircraft hybrid system development, AMTE’s market leading cell technologies can help accelerate time to market.

  • World class R&D through to full commercialisation capability.
  • Advanced prototype cells for next generation applications.
  • Scalable manufacturing to support long term programme development.

Data from the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report suggests that waiting just 15 more years and taking no action until 2030 would increase costs by an average of 50 percent through 2050 to keep temperatures from rising less than 2°C.

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Ultra Power


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Ultra Safe

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Ultra Prime


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