AMTE work with leading universities, research establishments and innovators to help them develop their ideas and IP for the next exciting new developments in cell technology, and help assess and match these technologies to industry challenges.

We have access and rights to some of the most innovative and novel technologies, and we provide our development, technical and engineering excellence with that of our partners to mature new chemistries, designs and products for market.

With new products being launched, and a constant stream of new technology and opportunity, AMTE will continue to be among the world’s leading power to product innovators.

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Research and Development:

Finding viable new scalable chemistries

AGM Batteries Limited works with companies wanting to develop specific cell performance during the early stages of cell Electro-chemistry Research as we can provide the input and expertise to help decision making related to production scaling. This includes the review of viable material supply partners and assistance with the selection of production-standard processes.

Electro-chemistry Research and early stage development is another core skill set in AMTE Power’s business, and helps companies in avoiding over complex or non-standard processes, driving down cost of future volume production.

  • Research and development to ensure new chemistries and cells will be viable and scalable.
  • Process analysis, and simplification and future supply chain management.
  • Putting together collaborative teams and winning supporting grant funded projects.

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