We have access and rights to some of the most innovative cell technologies. With our unique IP portfolio, we are solving major battery challenges for electric vehicles and energy storage – paving the way to net zero.

We are one of the only UK battery cell manufacturers commercialising alternative, viable sodium-ion cells which will help to maximise output from wind and solar power.

We are always on the lookout for the next exciting, new developments in cell chemistries. AMTE Power works with leading universities, research establishments and innovators to help develop their ideas and match technologies to industrial applications.

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Solving customer challenges

Working hand in hand with our customers, we provide cell prototypes to aid customer development and testing programmes for electric vehicles and battery energy storage projects. Just some of the exciting collaborations we are supporting include the next generation of hydrogen fuel cell supercars, and the development of ultra-fast charging systems for electric and fuel cell vehicles.

We can support customers with end-to-end design and manufacturing solutions. We are working with leading businesses to create battery packs and systems for automotive, energy storage and industrial portable applications.

  • Partnering with customers to provide prototype cells for specific application testing and development
  • Collaborating with the supply chain to develop battery packs and modules incorporating advanced cells, battery management systems and controls

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