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Ultra High-Power


The Ultra High-Power product has been developed with the automotive industry. The key property of this cell is its ability to deliver power at a very high rate (>35C), consistently and without fault. The Ultra High-Power cell range is designed for high-performance hybrid vehicles and is now being included in a number of key automotive and motorsport programmes. Prototypes are available now.

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Ultra Energy


The product is designed around the energy needs of the market and is available in 2170 cylindrical cell format. The cell is designed to give market-beating range and energy density optimising AMTE IP and that of our partners and, like all of our cells, is manufactured and supplied here in the UK. Prototypes are available now.

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Ultra Safe


Sodium-ion chemistry delivers a high performance, inherently safe and cost-effective battery solution for key applications, including transportation, energy storage, back-up power and energy in remote locations. The key element to this chemistry is the fact that it has a safer thermal structure, now fast becoming a key factor to its predicted success, along with its ability to operate in a broad temperature range, and it is safe to transport. The product release date is due Q3-2022, with prototypes available now.


Ultra Prime


Our Ultra Prime cell is a non-rechargeable cell being designed with very high energy density and high-temperature performance for use in some of the most difficult environments. In addition to its high energy density and high-temperature performance in extreme operating environments, this cell also has a very low self-discharge ideal for use where temperature, access and potentially depth are key considerations. The product release date is due Q4-2023, with prototypes available now.

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