Product Development and Commercialisation

From initial chemistry to scalable product

AMTE Power helps our clients in the development of new battery cell technology, with a focus on design for manufacture. The team has extensive experience in electro-chemistry, cell technology development, manufacturing process development and simplification, quality control, scaling for manufacture and bringing new product to market.

  • High Energy Density Lithium-ion Cells (LCO, NCA, NMC) typically used in low rate, long duration applications where space envelope is limited and performance beyond commercial off-the-shelf cell technology is required.
  • High Power Density Lithium-ion Cells (LFP, NMC, high power anodes) typically used in high rate applications such as HEV, PHEV, Drones.
  • Advanced cells incorporating new technologies including Sodium-ion typically being applied to electric vehicle and renewable energy storage applications.
  • Battery Packs and Systems working with key partners incorporating advanced cells, BMS and control.
  • Manufacturing process design and development.

Small Scale Manufacture and Supply

Small Scale Manufacture

We manufacture advanced Lithium battery cells, develop and supply rechargeable Li-ion and non-rechargeable Lithium cells. We also provide a manufacturing service for client companies, producing cells on their behalf.

We have the flexibility to manufacture a broad range of chemistries and cell types in pouch or cylindrical formats for our clients under sub-contract or as a Licensee.

  • Pouch and cylindrical cell manufacturing capability.
  • Full end to end manufacturing line process, handling and quality control mechanisms.
  • Ability to handle standard and non-standard cell and pouch sizes.

Module and Pack Build

Test module, packs and systems for niche applications

We work with a design and manufacturing facility who have a team of engineering professionals with extensive experience who draw on traditional engineering practices whilst applying state of the art technologies to create and supply batteries for Automotive, E-mobility, Energy storage and Industrial portable applications. Whether you already have a battery design concept or are working to develop a product that requires a bespoke battery system, we are capable of supporting projects with an end-to-end design and manufacturing solution.

  • End-to-end engineering expertise and excellence in building battery systems.
  • Customised design and build expertise.
  • Specialists in safety critical high reliability applications & environments.

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