Posted March 27th, 2023 in Article

At AMTE Power, we’re incredibly proud of our heritage at Thurso in northeast Scotland, and our facility there is set to play a central part in our ambitious growth plans.

The factory has been making cells for over 30 years and can trace its roots back to the birth of lithium-ion technology first patented in the UK.  As the UK’s second largest battery cell manufacturing facility, Thurso has played an integral role in getting our business to the great position it’s in today.  We’ve built up a strong, expert team and developed highly specialised products to meet the needs of the automotive and energy storage markets.

Now, as AMTE Power enters a new phase of production scale up to commercial volumes, we’re investing further in our Thurso site.  Crucially we’re improving the site’s manufacturing capabilities to ramp up production of two of our core cells: Ultra Prime and Ultra Safe.

This investment comes off the back of strong customer interest in our products – we’re already fulfilling orders and shipping prototypes.  By investing in our manufacturing capacity, we’ll be able to meet rising demand, while building the experience and supply chain needed for more orders in the future.

Ultra Prime is designed for use in some of the most difficult industrial environments, with a high energy density, high-temperature performance and low self-discharge.  It will support the decarbonisation of sectors like construction, mining, oil and gas, and agriculture.

Ultra Safe on the other hand is designed for energy storage applications which are fundamental to maximising renewable power.  The European battery storage market is expected to hit 300GWh by 2030, so ensuring the UK has a reliable supply of batteries will be essential to capitalise on this growth.

Our factory at Thurso may be at the furthest reaches of the UK, but it is at the heart of our business, underpinning our technology development and now driving forward the next stage of commercialisation.  Thurso is part of the story of British battery making and we’re proud to be building on this to help take the industry to the next level.

By Simon Brooks, general manager at Thurso, AMTE Power